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Health Care Facilities

PES is the only consulting firm located in San Diego County that employes American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Consultants (CEICC) to fulfill the needs of the Health Care Industry in the disciplines of Infection Control, Joint Commission Environment of Care Management Plans, etc.  


PES provides a variety of services in health care settings which are but are not limited to: 




    • Infection Control/Prevention Risk Assessment (ICRA) consulting services and monitoring throughout performance of construction projects

    • Visual, surface and air monitoring of infection control/prevention containments

    • Inspection and sampling (surface, water and air) for fungal/bacteria loading

      • Surface sampling for MRSA, Pseudomonas (species), Sewer Screen (E. Coli, Enterococcus group, etc.)

      • Airborne sampling for bacteria and fungi (genus and species)

      • Water testing for Legionella, Pseudomonas spp., Gram negative bacteria, etc.

    • Control/prevention of opportunistic pathogens, including cleaning verification procedures utilizing 3M Clean-Trace™ Technology

    • Pre-Construction Risk Assessment (PCRA) consulting services




  • Inspection and evaluation of domestic water system(s) (Flow Diagram, Hazard Analysis, etc.)

  • Water sampling for opportunistic pathogens such as but not limited to Legionella, Pseudomonas (species), Gram negative bacteria, etc.

  • Inspection and evaluation of mechanical systems

    • Ventilation of fuctional spaces as outlined in the ASHRAE Standard 170-2008 "Ventilation of Health Care Facilities"

    • Sampling for opportunistic pathogens such as but not limited to Aspergillus spp., Cladosporium spp., Legionella, etc.

PES also provides asbestos, lead and microbial-related services to all health care facilities projects if requested.

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