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Jason Ziswasser - VP

Mr. Ziswasser is a founding partner of PES and has worked in the fields of Hazardous Materials Management for approximately 18 years.  His environmental consulting work includes health care facility consulting (Infection Control, Joint Commission Environment of Care Management Plans, etc.), asbestos and lead management, indoor air quality (IAQ) investigations, indoor environmnetal quality (IEQ) investigations, and other related fields in our industry.


Mr. Ziswasser holds and maintains a number of professional certifications which are but not limited to:


  • CEICC - ACAC Council-certified Environmental Infection Control Consultant

  • CIEC - ACAC Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

  • CMC - ACAC Council-certified Microbial Consultant 

  • CDPH I/A - California Departmen of Public Health Lead-Related Construction Inspector/Assessor (#17350)

  • CAC - Cal-OSHA Certified Asbestos Consultant (#12-4877)

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